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Omar Narvaez used his chest protector and his arm to rack up a third strike

Once they leave a pitcher's hand, baesballs can go on all sorts of adventures on their way to the plate -- and the adventure takes on an added journey on the foul tip.
These can prove to be unpredictable, since a pitch that skips in the dirt might come to a rest inside the home-plate umpire's shirt. Other times, pitches can just stick themselves to a catcher's protector, defying the laws of physics in the process. 
A foul tip off the bat of Yuli Gurriel in Thursday's White Sox-Astros game resulted in a strikeout for Carlos Rodón, thanks to some quick hands from catcher Omar Narváez, who held on to the ball as it wedged itself between his arm and his chest protector: 

A valiant effort by the baseball to get stuck somewhere and add to the game's rich history of similar occurrences, but an even more valiant effort by Narvaez to make the play.