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Orbit celebrated Festivus with his very own pole and by airing his grievances on Twitter

With Festivus -- the holiday invented by "Seinfeld" -- winding down Saturday night, Astros mascot Orbit was just getting started with his celebrations.
But first, he needed a Festivus pole, because tinsel is just too distracting:

With that in order, it was time for the Airing of Grievances. Not even Frank Costanza himself could have conceived a better platform than Twitter for that aspect of Festivus.
First up: A resurrection of the mascot's feud with Rays starter Chris Archer:

From players, Orbit turned his attention to members of the media who may have wronged him in the past:

His third and -- for now -- final grievance concerned the bigger picture. Why do we have to work on Opening Day:

Of course, Orbit would probably have to work on Opening Day regardless of its status as a national holiday. But, he's looking out for all the rest of us, you see.
With grievances aired, Festivus can only come to a fitting end in one way: with the Feats of Strength.

Consider this a good Festivus in Houston.