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Orbit gave an Astros fan a gigantic teddy bear -- then replaced it with an even bigger, more ridiculous one

Go to an Astros game at Minute Maid Park and you can be assured of one thing: Masterful shenanigans from Orbit.  
And we're not just talking about what pregame silliness he might get up to with members of the opposing team. We already know he's top-tier when it comes to goofing around with rival players
Before Houston's 5-4 loss to the Red Sox on Saturday night, Orbit's activities before first pitch included some Astros fans along the third-base line. In particular, one woman who was lucky enough to receive a gift of a giant teddy bear from Orbit. But he changed his mind and swapped it out for probably the most ridiculously oversized teddy bear to ever be seen:

Seriously, that's just huge.
But this begs the question: Did she actually keep the teddy? If so, how? How would it get home? How did it even get to Minute Maid Park? Do you have to transport that thing via helicopter? Would it even fit on a helicopter?
So many questions that may never be answered ...