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Orbit set up a fortune-telling booth just so he could troll Mike Trout and the Angels

Sure, Orbit may seem like everyone's favorite furry green alien. He's constantly smiling, his likes include "hugs" and "high fives" and he's been known to shake it to Beyonce. What could be bad? Alas, as the Angels learned before their 10-7 loss to the Astros on Monday, beneath those adorable little baseball planets sticking out of his head lies the mind of perhaps the greatest troll this galaxy has ever seen.
To set the scene: While Mike Trout, Albert Pujols and company were warming up down the left-field line, Orbit channeled his inner Zoltar and set up a fortune-telling booth. Sounds like fun! Trout himself was the first man up -- what could the future hold for one of the best players in baseball? A million dingers? Nah. A winter job as a meteorologist? Sadly, not yet. Why try to actually tell someone's fortune when you can savagely own them for their inferior dance skills?

Oh no, Albert Pujols was up next. Wait, Albert! It's a trap! He's just going to mock the improbability of you legging out a bunt single!

And finally, the coup de grace. A burn so ruthless, it stopped Kole Calhoun right in his tracks: "You will strike out today."

Clearly this heel turn could only be the doing of evil twin Norbit and his dastardly eyebrows.