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O's fan goes above and beyond to troll Luke Hochevar, copies his entire stretching routine

Fans do all sorts of things to cheer on their team -- they give sage advice, they glare umpires into submission and they even thrust in the direction of the problem. But only the intrepid few are willing to go above and beyond; to do whatever is necessary to take home a victory. 
Which is why we salute you, O's fan next to the visiting bullpen at Camden Yards on Monday night. With Baltimore locked in a tight game with the Royals, you weren't content to sit idly by and root for the home team -- you had to take action. So you did what any of us would do: Wage a campaign of psychological warfare against Kansas City reliever Luke Hochevar by copying every step of his warmup routine.

Is it a coincidence that Hochevar allowed the eventual game-winning run in his 2/3 of an inning? Believe whatever you'd like. But the history books, and the box score, shall know the truth.