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T.J. McFarland, Chris Davis harken back to vintage baseball days, forgo gloves in amazing putout

Prior to 1870, gloves were unheard of in baseball. Ask John Thorn. Talk to Conan O'Brien. But because it was so long ago, there isn't much footage that captured this style of play.
During the Blue Jays' 10-9 victory over the Orioles on Sunday, O's reliever T.J. McFarland and Chris Davis decided to stage a quick exhibition for all of the history buffs out there. Observe the amazing 1-3 putout below. Huzzah, gentlemen!

Why even bring your gloves out to the field?

Soon, walks will be recorded as hits, umpires will sit in lawn chairs behind home plate and ground-rule doubles will be counted as home runs again.