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With Ed Hochuli retiring, is MLB umpire Jim Wolf the most jacked official in sports?

(Bob Levey)

Ed Hochuli, perhaps the most jacked NFL referee/sports official in history, has announced his retirement. His son, who might also be jacked, will replace him. Fear not: You can ease your Hochuli emptiness by watching this audio-less dedication video here.
But, most importantly, with Hochuli out -- we'd like to offer up a new "Most Jacked Official in Sports" nominee: MLB umpire Jim Wolf. Look at him stopping an entire baseball game with a simple lift of his biceps:

Watch him motion Hall of Famer Paul Molitor back to the dugout with a stern glance:

Catch him flexing while pretending he's not flexing.

Please, let us know if Jim Wolf is the indeed, now, the strongest official in sports.