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File this illegal tag attempt under 'well, it was worth a shot'

The lure of the cookie jar is so tempting when you're a kid, even though the rules that accompany it are set in stone. "Yes, yes," you say to yourself. "I know mom said that I'm only allowed to have one a night if I've been good."

Yet there it sits on the counter. It would be so easy to grab a cookie if mom wasn't sitting at the table.

Then, a wild idea strikes you: Why not just quietly walk up and take one? After all, they say the perfect crime is sometimes the one that happens in plain sight.

Ozzie Albies knows what I'm talking about. The Phillies' Jean Segura had just slid into second base after a double on Wednesday night when a devilish idea crossed the Braves infielder's mind. What if he just moved Segura's hand ever-so-slightly off the bag and tagged him out?

Brilliant. I respect the stealthy effort so much here. Why not, right?

Segura was clearly granted time though, so like mom quickly shutting down any thoughts of cookie theft, the umpire declined to call Segura out. Bummer.

The amused Segura got Albies back for the ploy shortly thereafter.

That'll teach the rascal to attempt to steal cookies -- er, outs -- on his watch.