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Freddie Freeman exuded serious cat dad energy while swatting at Asdrubal Cabrera's glove

Freddie Freeman is a man of many talents. Incredible slugger. Gold Glove winner. Braves franchise cornerstone. Bat-flipping father.

Freeman also happens to be an elite cat dad. You might recall that back in 2016, he drove all the way to Spring Training with his cats, Nala and Benji, just so they could join him and his wife for the occasion.

Take it from someone who's traveled some distance with cats before -- that's no easy feat. I love how casual Nala looked in that photo. It was no big deal! She was with her dad and enjoying life.

All that time as a cat dad has clearly rubbed off on Freeman. Just look at how he chose to mess around with infielder Asdrubal Cabrera after a fielder's choice during Saturday night's 5-4 win over the Nationals:

I've seen the way that my cat swats at the little fish on the end of his fishing pole toy. Freeman used the exact same kind of half-effort motion to just barely bother Cabrera with his antics.

I can relate to Cabrera's oh-so-mild irritation with feline Freeman. You get annoyed, but not so much that you're actually upset. In fact, you kind of love it.

Nala and Benji would be proud. Their dad has learned so much about their ways.