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Pablo Sandoval showed off a killer curve in his pitching debut and everyone couldn't stop smiling

The Giants were losing, 15-6, to the Dodgers, in the first game of Saturday's doubleheader, but as the top of the ninth began, a roar of approval reverberated around AT&T Park. That's because Pablo Sandoval -- the lovable, huggable fan favorite -- was coming to the mound to make his big league pitching debut. 
It wasn't just the fans that were excited. Kenley Jansen couldn't stop giggling: 

Sandoval's teammates were smiling, too: 

And why shouldn't they? This was fun. But then Sandoval started pitching -- and it got even better. Because it turns out that the third baseman has some stuff. Sandoval mixed mid-80s heat, which is good enough for Bartolo Colon, with a looping 70-mph curveball. Chris Taylor tried to hit it came up empty: 

When Sandoval wrapped up the inning 1-2-3 with three groundouts, even the infielder-turned-pitcher couldn't help but flash the pearly whites: 

And when he came to bat in the bottom half, the fans roared their approval, too. Move over Shohei Ohtani because Pablo Sandoval is in action: