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Taylor Motter recorded his first Major League strikeout ... as a pitcher, let's relive it

When Taylor Motter woke up on Monday morning, he more than likely wasn't anticipating an outing on the mound. And, despite only having one other appearance as a pitcher, he got to accomplish something special -- his first Big League strikeout.

In the bottom of the eighth during the Mariners-Royals game, Motter replaced Chasen Bradford. The Royals were up, 10-0, which ended up being the final score -- but we were in for a treat. Paulo Orlando struck out on a 77.3 mph changeup from the Mariners infielder after fouling it off:

And there it is.
Motter finished out the game for Seattle, and by the way it appeared, it looked as if he could do this type of thing every day.