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Clayton Richard and Christian Villanueva tumbled to the ground together, got up and laughed

Conventional bunts cause chaos. Often designed to catch the pitcher, catcher and infielders off-guard, they bring with them a surprise factor that can lead to some ... amusing scenes. Also catching everybody off-guard are swinging bunts, since they aren't intentional.

In Wednesday's Padres-Dodgers game, Clayton Richard and Christian Villanueva found themselves caught in the midst of another almost-bunt that they were not anticipating off the bat of Austin Barnes. After instinctively running toward the baseball before it rolled foul, they lightly crashed into each other, tumbled to the ground in almost synchronized fashion and just couldn't help but laugh about it afterward:


Handling potentially embarrassing situations is something we all have to do, but we don't all pull it off as smoothly as Richard and Villanueva did. Caps off to them for the recovery!