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Paul Byrd has been training for his race against The Freeze this Sunday

(Clair, Michael)

Paul Byrd was never known for his speed. Beyond having a mid-80s fastball, Byrd was also known for his methodical and old-school motion. He'll need to change those habits, as the 46-year-old ex-hurler has been training to face Atlanta's The Freeze on Sunday. 
And how is he getting in shape? Why, that's easy: With a "Rocky"-style training montage. 

He's been trying (and failing) to race horses: 

He's even waking up at -- gasp -- 11 a.m. to train: 

As for the current Braves players, well, they don't think Byrd has much of a chance: 

It all comes down to Sunday, when Bryd races during the Braves-Phillies game. Who will win: The retired pitcher or the man of speed?