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Someone put a Paul Konerko White Sox shirsey outside in the polar vortex and it froze solid

It's freakin' cold in Chicago right now. We're not talking 2016 World Series at Wrigley Field levels of cold, where a bunch of players went full long sleeves and balaclava. That was some weak stuff, not even below freezing. On Wednesday afternoon, the temperature in Chicago hovered around -11 degrees, colder than parts of the Arctic. 
It's incredibly dangerous to even be outside in much of the Midwest right now, but the extreme cold also creates a good laboratory for hijinks. Shouts out to this intrepid dude who braved the elements long enough to put his Paul Konerko White Sox shirsey out on his balcony to see what happened. Let's just say the results of his experiment were undeniably conclusive.

Normally, I'd be vehemently opposed to wasting a perfectly good shirsey, but for the purposes of science I'll allow it. Also, the thing is just gonna defrost back into its original form anyway. 
In fact, this dude should go full "Mythbusters" and see if different White Sox shirseys react differently to the cold. For instance, how does a Scott Podsednik or a Yolmer Sánchez respond to the frigid temps compared to, say, a Joe Crede or a Tim Anderson? Going to need a full report on my desk by tomorrow morning. Thanks.