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The 'Late Show' needed some hosting help, so they called in Pedro Martinez from the bullpen

Hosting a late-night show isn't as easy as you might think. Sure, you get to hang out with a rapping Bret Saberhagen and kiss your own mirror image, but the job isn't all glitz and glamour. Making an audience laugh on a daily basis is hard work, and some nights, you just don't have your best stuff -- as "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert learned the hard way during his show on Monday night.
Colbert was in the middle of his monologue on Opening Day, ball and glove in hand, when suddenly, communication went south. Colbert shook off a joke recommendation from the writing staff. They put down a new sign, but Colbert shook it off again. Finally, it was time -- the (surprisingly uniformed) "Late Show" manager came to get the ball. Colbert's day was done.
But don't worry, the show was in good hands: They just made a simple call to the bullpen for the fresh arm of Hall of Famer Pedro Martinez. With the calm resolve of a World Series champion, Pedro calmly stepped up to the camera, came set, and fired in a quality zinger:

And just like that, "Late Show" was out of the jam.