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Steal a strikeout from your pitcher with a diving catch, draw a laugh: The Pete Alonso Story

This story might be tough for those of you out there who like to skate by with a minimal effort.

Pete Alonso is not one of those types of people, though, as we found out in Friday's game against the Rockies. Colorado right-hander Antonio Senzatela was at the plate trying to lay down a sac bunt. With a 2-2 count, he popped up a bunt that was headed for foul territory near the first-base area.

That would have been a strikeout, per baseball rules for bunt attempts with two strikes, and deGrom would have racked up another K to add to the 1,000-plus under his belt already. The problem? Alonso came streaking in and made a reaching, diving catch on the popup for an out ... so, he effectively stole a strikeout from his pitcher.

I love that reaction from deGrom, like "Hey, Pete, you totally didn't need to do that but thanks buddy!"

As Weezer said in their wonderfully odd recent single, you can't knock the hustle.