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Never in doubt: A Phillies fan bobbled a foul ball four times, but came up with the catch

There is only so much time that you have to react when a foul ball is hit your way. If you make even one mistake, you almost always lose it.
However, one fan at Citizens Bank Park got especially lucky during the Mariners' 10-9 victory over the Phillies. In the eighth inning, Freddy Galvis fouled a ball off, and it went directly toward a Phillies fan. Could he pull off the catch?

... close enough!
Usually one bobble is enough to lose a foul, but somehow, this ball stayed in the vicinity long enough to be mishandled a few more times before finally settling into the fan's hands. Phew!
Given that the Phillies recognized former catcher Carlos Ruiz on this night, it was only fitting that one of their own would come up with a memorable catch. "Chooch" would be proud.