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The Phillies pranked Tommy Joseph with a well-placed bubble-gum bubble

Phillies first baseman Tommy Joseph had the night off on Saturday, a game the Dodgers won, 6-5. But even days off can serve as opportunities for learning. For Joseph, his teammates sought to impart the lesson that even a day off is not an occasion to let one's guard down.
During the eighth inning of that game, teammates placed a chewing-gum bubble on Joseph's cap, and there it remained for an entire half-inning:

Credit goes to Howie Kendrick, who managed to hold a complete conversation with Joseph without laughing or otherwise revealing his absurd predicament. Against all odds, Kendrick looked at Joseph for an extended period of time without so much as cracking a smile and revealing the prank.
Joseph, for his part, hopefully learned a valuable lesson from his so-called rest day: Never trust anyone, least of all your teammates.