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Watch Rhys Hoskins try out some new and unusual ways to cross home plate

We've written extensively about the bat flip. As an unadulterated expression of pure joy in the sport of baseball, the batflip has no equal. But there are other, subtler ways players celebrate their dingers.
For instance, Phillies rookie first baseman/baseball destroyer Rhys Hoskins does the same low-key celebration each time he crosses home plate. And because Hoskins has a whopping 18 homers in only 44 games this season, we've gotten to see him cross home plate quite a few times.

While we're big fans of Rhys' classy and understated helmet tap, we believe that the act of crossing home plate after a dinger is an unexplored frontier in regards to over-the-top celebrations. So, we went down to Philadelphia and showed Rhys some of our ideas about other ways he and his teammates could cross home plate in the future.