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This pug had absolutely no idea what to make of the Phillie Phanatic's tongue

There's a lot that's unusual about the Phillie Phanatic. Just what sort of fuzzy green species is he? Why are his eyebrows a rainbow? How exactly did he manage to procure an ATV license anyway? 
But perhaps nothing is more bizarre than the Phanatic's tongue: A little red contraption that can emerge at a moment's notice, almost like he swallowed a party horn and hasn't stopped playing pranks with it ever since. It can be, if we're honest, a little alarming -- just ask former Phillies utilityman Orlando Gonzalez:

It can be very unsettling if you're not an adult baseball player but, say, a dog who has no idea what mascots are -- as this poor pug at Sunday's Braves-Phillies game discovered:

Fear not, little pup, we swear he comes in peace.