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Brett Phillips and Jeremy Jeffress won the first Brewers dance-off with a skillful backflip

The residents of Bomont -- the fictional town at the center of "Footloose" -- wouldn't like baseball much these days. That's because dance has infected the game to its very core. Players routinely turn the dugout into private discotheques, the Red Sox outfielders each have their own signature dance and Cuban slugger Danel Castro was so excited by his home run that he danced before rounding the bases: 

So, at their FanFest on Sunday, the Brewers held the inaugural team dance-off with Brett Phillips and Jeremy Jeffress going up against Brent Suter and Keon Broxton. The teams trained hard, practicing until the very last moment possible: 

They took the stage. Clearly, no one was going to leave anything back. Just look at Suter's face -- that's 80-grade hustle right there: 

With the competition close, Phillips went with a backflip -- something he admits in the video at the top of the post was something he had never done before. I'm sure manager Craig Counsell was thrilled that his outfielder was trying something so risky. 
But, the move paid off, and Phillips and Jeffress -- known as team BP&J -- took home the statuette. Eat your heart out, David Ross.