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The Phillie Phanatic looks alarmingly comfortable bursting forth from a man's bellybutton

A tattoo says a lot about a person. Deciding to go get some ink done usually stems from an emotional reaction to something -- for example, a friend of mine has a pirate ship tattooed on his forearm inspired by the song his mom sang to him when he was a baby.

On the whole, sports fans love tattoos. Go to a major sporting event and you'll likely spot a logo or two (or more!) on a person's body. Being a sports fan is a full-time gig.

But then there's Philadelphia sports fans. They're an especially passionate bunch, to say the least, and during Thursday Night Football's contest between the Packers and Eagles in Green Bay, the cameras landed on one fan who REALLY likes Philly sports. Like, A LOT.

What follows is a shirtless man with a mural to the entire region emblazoned on his entire chest and stomach, highlighted by a depiction of the Phillie Phanatic bursting from the man's bellybutton -- or is the bellybutton bursting from the Phanatic? It's tough to tell.

Staring into this bellybutton/Phanatic snout region (if it even is a "snout," because I'm not sure if birds even have snouts) will change your life.

Note that I didn't say it would change your life for the better. Because isn't it a bit unsettling how comfortable the Phanatic looks being attached to this man's stomach? It's as if his face and this man were meant to be.

Looking comfortable while doing goofy nonsense is the Phanatic's brand, so it makes sense.

And the tattoo is actually a solid rendering of the Phanatic's face and snout/nose/nozzle/horn/trunk/whatever it's called, too. This isn't an amateur production.

I'm seriously impressed.

Too many times, a tattoo might only loosely represent the thing it's meant to replicate. Your dear, departed grandma's likeness on your shoulder might, unfortunately, look like a zombie with sunken eyes and snakes for hair, for example. It's not your fault!

It probably all boils down to the skill of the person drawing on you with a sharp ink needle, honestly. And in the case of this Extreme Philadelphia Sports Fan's chest/stomach mural, he went to the right place.

His whole ensemble ticks most of the boxes for "I'm from Philadelphia" bingo:

Phillies representation (already covered above)

The Liberty Bell

Interstate 95


The Ben Franklin Bridge

A huge, soaring eagle

There are at least three notable omissions, though. There's no Philadelphia Flyers/Gritty insignia, that I can tell, nor is there anything involving the Sixers ... which, I mean, c'mon man! The Sixers are one of the NBA's most exciting young teams with a bright future and a rich history.

What's up with that? Why's there no --

OH. OK. Uh. This is awkward.

The rest makes sense, though, and this dude deserves accolades for donating his body for the good of the city.