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Jose Bautista has a doppelganger on his team and it just may be from the video game world

(Brian Blanco)

Stephen Hawking has already warned us of the danger of artificial intelligence, but it appears it may already be too late. For on Thursday, we saw the first signs of the future of technology run amok: Jose Bautista's doppelganger appeared for the Blue Jays. 
But he wasn't just a doppleganger, no. The player, Jio Mier, appeared to be a doppelganger of Bautista's ripped straight from a video game. 
No longer just the series of interconnected blocks of 8-bit animation like from Ken Griffey Jr Baseball, here was a player whose digital pixels were made flesh in a kind of "Weird Science" accident (we assume), and was even able to hit seven home runs in Double-A last season. 
Just look, the evidence is staggering. Tell me that isn't the face of Jose Bautista inside your favorite video game. 

Of course, it could either be that or Matt Kemp himself playing an elaborate prank. But which possibility seems more realistic to you?