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Brewers GM David Stearns had an amazing wedding cake in the shape of Miller Park

This offseason has been great for baseball weddings. Kris Bryant and Bryce Harper said their respective "I Do's," Ryan Merritt sent out thank you notes and Brewers GM David Stearns showed up to his nuptials over the weekend with perhaps the greatest wedding cake this side of one that actually grants wishes. 
While pledging his devotion to his wife, Whitney, Stearns also displayed this amazing Miller Park cake. Though, frankly, we don't know how one could bring oneself to actually cut into this artistic masterpiece. 

If you wanted a 360-degree experience of this gastronomic wonder created by Cakes by Gina, you're in luck -- the Seahawks' Bradley Sowell took a video. And yes, the roof is open: 

Sorry, Ralph Kiner, but your wedding cake was just one-upped.