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Offseason Photoshop Fun: Let's add silly objects to MLB photos

Baseball is a VERY. SERIOUS. THING. Turns out, though, if you simply add an object to a photo, it takes on a very different tone. Here are 10 examples:
Mark Trumbo mashed plenty of taters last year. Sadly, all he ever really wanted was a giant sub sandwich: 

Jayson Werth may look intimidating, but underneath, he's really just a teddy bear. Also, he has a teddy bear: 

Adrián Beltré doesn't like people touching his head. But what he really hates? Spiders:

From now on, you'll know that every double play is really just an opportunity to play a quick game of Twister: 

Nolan Arenado catches pretty much anything hit his way. It's why he's collected a Gold Glove every year he's been in the big leagues. But this dog managed to evade the defender with ease: 

Ichiro has 3,000 hits and is a beloved star across the globe. But he still can't kick that blasted football: 

Oh no, and Nori Aoki is down for the count! 

Normally, when Clayton Kershaw is blocking his face, he's picking his pitch. Sometimes, though, he's catching up with current affairs:

And finally, sick kickflip, Joey Wendle.