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Let's embark on a frame-by-frame breakdown of Chris Coghlan's stunning run-scoring leap

If you didn't pay much attention to baseball last night -- maybe you were at the Phillie Phanatic's birthday party or something -- you only missed what was perhaps the play of the season so far: Chris Coghlan going full Willie Mays Hayes and leaping over Yadier Molina to score during Toronto's 6-5 win over the Cardinals.

Yes, that really happened. But don't worry: You might not have caught it live, but we've assembled a frame-by-frame breakdown to fill you in -- because when a man breaks the bonds of gravity, it can only truly be appreciated in exhaustive detail.
Frame one: "Oh no, how can I get out of this one?"

Frame two: "Here goes nothing!" 

Frame three: "Wait this might actually work."

Frame four: " ... wait that means I have to stick the landing now." 

Frame five: "Um." 

Frame six: In which Molina is still trying to figure out what happened.

Frame seven: "Touching home plate with your head counts, right?" 

Frame eight: "I think I'm OK!"

And finally ... 
Frame nine: "Nailed it."