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Justin Bour and Dee Gordon switched uniforms for warmups, and it was stunning

Dee Gordon is 5-foot-11 and 170 pounds. His teammate, Justin Bour, is 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds. But that doesn't mean they can't share clothes. Just look at this photo from Marlins camp on Tuesday morning: 

"I lost some weight," Gordon joked.

"He's stretching my pants out for me, and we're bored," Gordon said.
Bour confirmed the story: "Dee wanted his pants stretched."
So why the jersey as well?
Bour responded, "Might as well go all the way."

The pair were quite a sight in warmups, especially during stretching. Justin was a little restricted while doing lunges -- remember, Dee wanted those pants stretched, not split.
Gordon sported his oversized jersey and pants in batting practice, and Bour roamed around first base.
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