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Who was the most famous person to congratulate Ichiro?

against the at Nationals Park on August 30, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Greg Fiume)

There has never been a baseball player quite like Ichiro Suzuki. After collecting over 1,200 hits in Japan, he then came to America and conquered the Majors, somehow collecting his 3,000th big league hit on Sunday despite not making his MLB debut until the age of 27. Everyone in the world is an Ichiro fan. So who is the most famous person to have congratulated him -- Kings? Queens? Intergalactic space warriors? 
In a news conference on Monday afternoon, Ichiro revealed it was Justin Bour.  

No offense to Bour -- the man mountain with 38 homers over the last two years -- but his Q score is probably a few clicks below someone like Johnny Bench: 

Perhaps it was a bit of a piece offering. After Sunday's game, Ichiro said, "My first three at-bats, my body felt like Justin Bour. I was just so heavy." Bour at least was happy to accept the roasting. 

Of course, while Ichiro's greatest skill is picking up base hits, his sense of humor may be even better. He's renowned for his All-Star Game speeches and picked up Spanish just to talk trash
You can watch the whole conference below: