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The Pirates debuted 'Super Bucco Run,' an amazing new scoreboard video game

Friday afternoon was a fun day in Pittsburgh, and not just because the Pirates won their home opener, 5-4, over the Braves. After the fifth inning, the team debuted a new feature on PNC Park's renovated digital scoreboard, which runs the length of the Clemente Wall in right field: "Super Bucco Run."
Inspired by the hit mobile game, the Pirates had one of their fans running and "bashing" blocks while "collecting" coins and items on the scoreboard. Keeping with the tradition, the flag went up the pole at the end of the segment when the fan completed the challenge.
Here's a look from far away, for the full effect:

It was a genius bit of mid-game entertainment that the Pirates plan to rotate with more videoboard games throughout the 2017 season. Over the offseason, they updated the old scoreboard with an 11-foot high and 136-foot long LED board with features like this in mind.
"Super Bucco Run" is one that is sure to be popular with the fans this summer. Just hope that no one tells the contestants that the princess is in another ballpark.