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Pirates fan goes for a foul ball, gets nothing but a face full of his own nachos

Wayne Gretzky once said that he missed 100 percent of the shots he didn't take -- the idea being that without the courage to try, there could be no triumph. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. A noble sentiment, to be sure ... assuming you're not currently balancing a plate of nachos in your hand, in which case, maybe don't take that shot just yet.

One Pirates fan learned this the hardest way imaginable during Wednesday's game against the Padres. When he saw a foul ball coming toward him, he knew that this was his chance at a once-in-a-lifetime souvenir. There was just one problem: that full plate of nachos he had in his hand. The ball was getting closer. There was no time left. You can probably see where this is headed:


"I bought a beer, I bought some nachos, I tried to go back to my seat," he told Real-Time Correspondent Sophia Loza. "Next thing I knew the ball was right in my face, and I basically lost all control."

But don't worry, our story has a happy ending (at least, as happy an ending as a story involving nachos to the face can have). The fan was able to clean himself off and pick up a clean shirt -- as well as a brand-new plate of nachos.