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A Pirates fan spilled his beer attempting a foul ball catch and Manny Pina was not pleased

Nothing should ever come between a fan and his or her beer -- unless it's a foul ball. Gabby DiMarco proved that you can have both a souvenir and a frothy beverage in one sitting -- and so did this Pirates fan, sort of.
In the bottom of the sixth inning of the Pirates' 3-2 loss to the Brewers on Tuesday, Corey Dickerson popped a foul into the stands behind the first-base dugout. Andres, sporting a Francisco Cervelli jersey, somewhat attempted the catch while still clutching on to his beer. And, well:

Manny Piña appeared to be a bit unimpressed with the fan's loss of his beer. But that's OK, Andres finished it anyway.
The broadcast stopped by to chat with him, and he had a few regrets.
"I should have saved the beer," he said. "I should have two-handed it, but unfortunately the foul ball got the beer rather than my hand."
We can't win 'em all -- but there was still a third of the beer left, so that's pretty good, too.