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On one play, the Pirates infield swarmed in on a popup, and Jordy Mercer gave us a somersault

Friday night's Pirates-Phillies game gave us quite the entertaining play thanks to Ben Lively and a cast of characters.
On the first pitch of his at-bat in the fifth inning, Lively lofted a popup in the infield. In true teamwork fashion, the Pirates swarmed in on the ball and it created a mesmerizing scene:

Adam Frazier made the grab, but he was a bit crowded with the attempts of Jordy Mercer. When Mercer realized he didn't make the play, he offered a somersault move complete with a stellar dismount:

He quickly ran back to his position and reminded the outfield there were two outs -- and hoped nobody saw his impressive move. Oh -- but we saw it, Jordy -- we saw the entire thing.