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The Pirates' Trevor Williams donned his Trevor Williams Chargers jersey to show off his football skills

Trevor Williams had already made it clear that he was going to support his NFL name doppelganger in Chargers defensive back Trevor Williams. He bought the jersey and is ready for all the questions mistakenly sent his way. 

On the eve of the first NFL Sunday of the season, he decided to see if he could actually cut it as a football player. Williams -- the Pirates pitcher, that is -- released a remarkable video where he showed off his football talents. Dressed in his Chargers jersey, and with help from the Pirates' strength and conditioning coach Jim Malone, Williams went through an awfully fumble-heavy workout.
Meanwhile, his teammates Steven Brault and Joe Musgrove were his personal Statler and Waldorf, offering criticism from their vantage point in the dugout. "I'm starting to wonder if the [other[ Trevor Williams would have a better shot in baseball than he would in football," Musgrove said. "I'd stop playing football if I knew I was going to look like that doing it," Brault offered. 
Yeah, with glowing reports like that, I think it's safe to say that the Pirates' Williams is going to remain a one-sport star. Check out his mini-combine below: