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Trevor Williams interrupted his mid-game interview to alertly catch a foul ball ... and dab

Being a pitcher in the Major Leagues often requires cat-like reflexes. After all, they're the players closest to the batter, and line drives tend to sail in their direction faster than anywhere else on the diamond. As it turns out, those instincts remain intact even when they're not pitching.
For example, take the Pirates' Trevor Williams. He was off on Tuesday and sitting in the dugout for the Pirates' 7-3 win over the Reds, so the Pirates' TV booth did an in-game interview with him in the third inning.
So when Jordan Luplow grounded a foul ball that bounced right at Williams, he had no problem handling it ... and adding in a dab for good measure:

Hey, no one said it was a good dab. Just appreciate the no-hesitation play.
We know Williams is capable of better dabs anyway.