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How far will Tim Tebow advance in his professional baseball career?

Nease's Tim Tebow swings and misses while batting against Pedro Menendez on 04152005. The St Augustine Record

On Tuesday morning, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that baseball's newest intriguing prospect is the Tim Tebow, former professional quarterback. Now, Tebow hasn't played baseball competitively since high school (because of that whole football thing), but he was a five-tool prospect who could reportedly mash some dingers, and he was almost drafted by the Angels. Apparently, he's been training for the career switch for nearly a year -- this is no mere publicity stunt, according to his agents -- and will hold a showcase for all 30 MLB teams in August.
So, how will that go? Back in 2013, Angels fans contemplated an alternate reality with Tebow in MLB and concluded that, at the very least, he'd be a positive clubhouse presence:

And here he is taking batting practice:

And here he is smacking a dinger back in high school:

Of course, Tebow, less than a week from his 29th birthday, is not the first sports star to aspire to the ranks of professional baseball -- you might recall one Michael Jordan, who played a season in Double-A and was, uh, not quite as good on the diamond as he was on the basketball court. Tebow isn't even the first NFL quarterback to dabble in baseball, though most of his predecessors tried before their football careers took off. 
But is Tebow headed for the Hall of Fame, or are his aspirations dead on arrival? It's time to predict just how far he'll get in his baseball career: