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The Pulaski Yankees will celebrate Agriculture Night by auctioning off a real, live cow

When the Pulaski Yankees announced that their Aug. 22 game against the Princeton Rays would be Agriculture Night, you probably figured that it would be a fairly standard Minor League event: special cow-themed jersey, a petting zoo, maybe some fun food. 
But the traditional promotional ploys are hardly enough for the team that once put memes on a uniform and sports a mascot named Calf-E. No, they are entirely committed to the agriculture theme -- so much so that the team will auction off a cow during the game.

Don't worry -- contrary to the video above, the cow in question isn't actually Calf-E, everyone's favorite bovine in overalls. It will be a real, live animal, for the lucky winner to do whatever they want with. (Just make sure Yoenis Céspedes isn't hanging around.)