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The Orioles tested Ramon Laureano's arm and you probably already know how that went

If you know one thing about A's center fielder Ramon Laureano, it's that he has a strong arm. I mean, he only introduced himself to the world last season by unleashing one of the most impressive throws we've ever seen.

Since that introduction, his arm has become scheduled viewing. That may sound like hyperbole -- who would watch a game just because an outfielder has a strong arm? -- but, it's really not.

Presumably the Orioles -- who were playing against Laureano's A's Tuesday night -- know even more than one thing about the second-year center fielder. That's the point of scouting reports, after all.

Nevertheless, out of either hubris or ignorance, they felt compelled to test his arm, sending shortstop Richie Martin home from second base on a single to center. From the start, you know exactly how this is going to end.

As impressive as Laureano's one-hop strike to home was, there's something sad about watching Martin round the bases. From the moment he makes the decision to go home, you know he's fated to never reach it.

Maybe that's what makes Laureano's arm must-watch TV. Like a Greek tragedy, the fact that you generally know how it's going to end doesn't make watching it unfold any less compelling.