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Ronald Guzman and Drew Robinson made a slick, barehanded 3-4-3 putout after a wild deflection

You never know what you'll see on the baseball diamond -- but you can pretty much count on some great defense every now and then. And, as we've pointed out time and time again, reflexes play a big role in on-field success. In fact, they can determine the success or failure of a particular moment in the game. 
Take the top of the third inning in the Rangers' 4-2 win over the A's on Wednesday in Arlington. Matt Joyce cracked a hard grounder toward Ronald Guzmán at first base, but the ball took a bounce off Guzman's glove and into short right field ... where second baseman Drew Robinson flashed some quick reflexes, and ... 
... made the play the only way he'd be able to, with a perfect barehand grab. That's how you do it!

"We did a play like that last year at Round Rock," Robinson told's T.R. Sullivan after the game. "Once it goes off his glove, it's just reaction and instinct. It's not something that you can practice. It just happens."
Added Guzman: "The play last year was tougher. I just didn't see the ball off the bat, but Drew had my back."
Let's hear it for teamwork!