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The 25 best and most colorful logos from MiLB's year-long celebration of Hispanic and Latino culture

The Minor Leagues are already home to the most colorful, irreverent and absolutely bonkers logos. There have angry chihuahuas, flying squirrels and anthropomorphic beer hops.

But for the second year in a row, the Minors will feature the even-more colorful and inclusive Copa de la Diversión. Translated as the "Fun Cup," it's a way for Minor League teams to get together and celebrate the culture of their Hispanic and Latino communities. Though there is no actual tournament where every team plays each other for the title, the Minor League teams that take part will regularly play with a different team name. The names are often in Spanish and come with different cultural connotations, color palettes and brand new logos.

Take, for example, the Matamoscas de Midessa. Translated to Midessa Flyswatters, this team logo pays homage to the fly swatter which is used as an object for "bug control, discipline tool and toy for the creative minds.”


Last year, 33 teams took part. But, with the success of 2018's inaugural showing, 72 teams are updating their looks to take part in this year's Copa. Click here to see them all.

Which new logo is the very best? Using my unimpeachable taste and eye for design, I ranked the top 25. Please to enjoy: