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The Royals hit four home runs in the first inning, but which was the best?

To say the Royals got off to a scorching start to Tuesday night's game against the Orioles would be an understatement. Facing Dylan Bundy and, later, Mike Wright Jr., they put 10 runs on the scoreboard.
Even that accomplishment undersold how hot the Royals were. Before even making an out, they managed to send four balls over the outfield walls at Camden Yards, including back-to-back-to-back dingers from Jorge Soler, Mike Moustakas and Salvador Perez. Two walks after that barrage, Alex Gordon capped off the homer-fest with a three-run dinger.
With all those home runs happening so quickly, we had to find a way to process them all ... by ranking them.
4. Alex Gordon
Sure, Gordon's three-run homer pushed the most runs across home plate, but it was a wall-scraper to right field in an inning filled with homers that easily earned the name. It's a home run, so what Gordon did is good. It's just not as good as what his teammates did.

3. Salvador Perez
Perez's was the third home run of the back-to-back-to-back sequence that accounted for the Royals' first four runs of the inning. It was also a long one to deep center field on a pitch down at his knees. This is an impressive home run but, somehow, only the third-most impressive of the first inning.

2. Jorge Soler
Soler got the party started with his two-run home run to left-center field. At 420 feet, it traveled the farthest of the four home runs contained in these rankings.

1. Mike Moustakas
Whenever you follow in Ken Griffey Jr.'s footsteps and hit the warehouse across Eutaw Street from Camden Yards, you know you've hit an impressive home run. Mike Moustakas hit an impressive home run. In fact, it was the most impressive of the inning, leaving the bat at 107 mph and traveling 410 feet.