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Ranking the three grand slams that were hit on Sunday

There was a lot of power displayed at the plate on Sunday -- three times the power actually. Major League Baseball was lucky enough to get a triple serving of grand slams, and each one of them was special in its own way. So, we decided to rank each of them from cool to the coolest.
3. Nicholas Castellanos against the Blue Jays
It was the top of the fifth inning at Rogers Centre when Nicholas Castellanos smacked his grand slam on the first pitch of his at-bat against J.A. Happ. His shot went to deep right field and it was just out of the reach of Randal Grichuk:

If you watch Happ's reaction, he seemed aware that ball was going bye-bye the moment it left the bat. And we liked the little bit of swag Castellanos brought to the table during what ended up being a five-run inning.
The Tigers won, 9-1, against the Jays.
2. José Peraza vs. the Brewers
When Jose Peraza smacked his grand slam on a 1-2 pitch from Aaron Wilkerson in the bottom of the sixth, the crowd knew that baby was gone:

This was the Reds' ninth grand slam of the season, and Peraza's first of his career. It also made Jesse Winker, smile which is always a good thing.
And according to's Mark Sheldon, he was a man of few words about it.
"I hit the ball, see it in the sky and say, 'Wow,'" Peraza said in a postgame interview.
All in all, a nice day for the Reds in an 8-2 win over the Brewers at Great American Ball Park.
1. Colin Moran against the Padres
The unique part of Colin Moran's grand slam was the fact it happened at the most opportune time.
Not only did it give his team the lead, but, while he was at the plate, the broadcast mentioned there have been many grand slams hit lately. "Let's have another," the Pirates broadcast said. So, that's exactly what he gave us. Another:

On a 1-0 pitch in the top of the fifth, Moran sent a ball over the right-field fence.
Let's have another indeed.
The Pirates went on to win, 7-5, over the Padres.
Sundays are made for grand slams.