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Mallex Smith has the most detailed notebook in baseball

Every class in high school always has that one person who, no matter the subject, the time of day or the intensity of the teacher, is always jotting down detailed notes in their notebook. Rays outfielder and extremelyfun-lovingbaseball man Mallex Smith was probably that guy.

Ever since he was in the Minor Leagues, Smith has kept a notebook in which he writes down meticulous notes about his at-bats that day. The pitches he saw, the pitcher he faced, how comfortable he felt at the plate -- all of it goes into the book.
Smith recently sat down with us to share some notable things about his notebooking including if any teammates have jokingly written in there (spoilers: they have) and how the tradition's origins trace back to a supermarket job Mallex's dad worked while Mallex was a kid.
Watch the video at the top of the post to learn more about Smith's note-taking prowess.