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The Rays are trying to acquire Curtis Granderson's @WeFollowLucasDuda Instagram account

Turns out the Mets' trade with the Rays this week may not have been a one-for-one swap. In addition to Lucas Duda, Tampa Bay is in talks to acquire an Instagram account to be named later.
Mets outfielder Curtis Granderson, proprietor of the "We Follow Lucas Duda" account with more than 128,000 followers, said Friday he's spoken to the Rays about forking over his username and password in a "trade" -- though Granderson wouldn't say what he hopes to receive in return. The team even tweeted about it after Duda homered in his Rays debut:

A member of the Tampa Bay front office reached out to Granderson Friday, asking if the team could take over the account. Separately, Granderson spoke with Rays third baseman Evan Longoria, but Longoria said he already spends enough time curating his own social media accounts.
Of course, it may be difficult for Granderson to part with something so near and dear to his heart. The creative mastermind behind "We Follow Lucas Duda," Granderson has used the account to share pictures and videos of Duda eating, resting, golfing, grinning and celebrating.
Consider Granderson a bona fide Duda fan. He once pretended to take pictures of Duda with the Mets' dugout iPad, and -- sources say -- helped create the Mets' "Duda Room" at Citi Field, with pictures of Duda's face adorning each computer. The teammates' locker stalls at Citi Field were right next to one another.
Increasingly, Granderson has used the Instagram account for philanthropic purposes, as a vehicle to advertise events for his Grand Kids Foundation. It looks like he might be willing to part with, it though -- for the right price:

So go ahead, Rays, make your best offer to "We Follow Lucas Duda." Granderson isn't going to let this one go cheaply.