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A Red Sox fan came up with the baseball on Jackie Bradley Jr.'s long foul ball ... and then put it in his mouth

Occasionally, coaches will advise MLB players to "eat the ball" on a slow grounder when they're not going to be able to make the throw in time. There's no point in risking a silly error, after all.
We're not entirely sure that some fans understand that baseballs aren't actually meant to be eaten, though. Jackie Bradley Jr. was up in the fourth inning of ALDS Game 1 between the Yankees and Red Sox when he cracked a long drive down the left-field line. It just barely went foul ...

... and a Red Sox fan emerged from the mini-scrum with the baseball.
Nice moment, right? A guy is joined by some buddies at a postseason game featuring his favorite team and gets to go home with a foul ball.
Well, he immediately then made it weird by putting the ball directly in his mouth:

That's one form of celebration, anyway. We sympathize with the bemused fan behind him.

It was a good night for Red Sox fans in that vicinity -- J.D. Martinez's first-inning homer to the Green Monster seats was reeled in by the director of the Stem Cell Program at Boston Children's Hospital, Dr. Len Zon. He, too, was quite thrilled:

Dr. Zon had the good sense to not put the souvenir in his mouth. Perhaps that's why he's a medical professional.