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Prior to the ALDS, Patriots coach Bill Belichick wished the Red Sox well

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is not known as a loquacious sort. He's not one to be effusive with praise or, well, anything other than winning football games. However, it seems his fandom for the Red Sox offers a possible exception to that rule.
After the Patriots' win over the Colts on Thursday night, Belichick took a minute from his usually dour postgame press conference to wish his team's baseball brethren luck in their series against the Yankees ... and let out a bit of a smile:

More than the well wishes, it bodes particularly well for the Red Sox that they inspired a smile in Belichick. He doesn't smile often, so when he smiles at you, it means you've definitely done something really good. And, no one can doubt the five-time Super Bowl winning coach's eye for talent.