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The Red Sox teamed up with Make-A-Wish to turn a young fan's backyard into Fenway Park

Connecticut native Thomas Hastings was born with scoliosis. One year and several spinal surgeries later, he was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. In the face of all that adversity, though, Hastings hasn't wavered. He just keeps on loving life, and finding joy in his favorite sport -- baseball.
So, when Thomas' parents and the Make-A-Wish Foundation approached him last fall and told him that he could have anything he wanted, Thomas didn't think twice. He wanted a baseball field in his backyard. And with some help from his beloved Red Sox, he got it and then some: 

In less than 40 days, the Red Sox and Make-A-Wish built Thomas his very own Fenway Park, with some help from Boston groundskeeper Dave Mellor and 100 volunteers. It's all there: the Green Monster, the scoreboard, the triangle in right-center. It's even wheelchair-accessible, so that Thomas will always be able to enjoy it.