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The Red Sox clubhouse serenaded manager Alex Cora with 'Happy Birthday' after winning the AL pennant

What did you do to celebrate your most recent birthday? Maybe you went out to dinner with some friends. Maybe you got some fancy new electronic device as a present and spent all day fiddling around on it. Maybe you ate all the cake in your house. Those all sound like pretty good options!
As wonderful as they seem, it's nearly impossible to top what just happened to Red Sox manager Alex Cora. On his 43rd birthday, his team beat the Astros, 4-1, to win the American League pennant in just his first year as Boston's skipper. That would be sweet enough, but it gets better -- even in their immediate clubhouse celebration, the Red Sox took a few moments to sing "Happy Birthday."

Cora got to share the festivities with his family, too. His fiancée, Angelica, and their twins, Xander and Isander, joined him on the field after the champagne bottles were popped:

Best birthday ever?

Best birthday ever.