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The Reds had some fun with visiting Cubs fans thanks to the 'Bandwagon Cam'

There's no fault in losing to the Cubs. After all, that's a team loaded one-to-nine with sluggers and stars coming off a World Series championship.

So, though the Reds lost an extra-inning heartbreaker on Friday and went down, 12-8, in a slugfest on Saturday, they at least won the hearts and minds of those in attendance thanks to their Bandwagon Cam that they unveiled during Friday's game. 

The team identified the seemingly never-ending segment of "lifelong Cubs fans" with titles like "Bought this shirt earlier today," "White Sox fan in 2005," and "Thinks Bill Murray played for the Cubs," among others. It's a remarkably fun way to take down the away fans that flocked to the ballpark.

Of course, the Cubs could just as easily have responded with "Check the ring."