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Reds prospect Jake Cave steps up with no number on his jersey, the D-backs booth is very confused

Given that everything's made up and the points don't matter, things tend to get a little more, uh, flexible in Spring Training -- from interview topics to modes of transportation to the very concept of a double play. But during Wednesday night's Reds-D-backs game, we finally achieved maximum chill: Cincinnati prospect Jake Cave took his at-bat in the top of the sixth in a jersey that was missing a number entirely. 

But not everyone was quite as appreciative of this laissez-faire approach to Spring Training. The D-backs broadcast pair of Steve Berthiaume and Tony La Russa did their best to keep the audience informed: "I'd like to tell you who's coming up next," Berthiaume laughed, "but he doesn't have a number." 
Cave is but the next in a long and storied line of Spring Training uniform pranksters -- just a few days ago, Tigers reliever Ruben Alaniz came to the mound wearing a uniform that in fact had a number ... of coach Gene Roof. Please, won't anyone think of the P.A. announcers?