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A Cleveland hotel is reminding guests that midges are a very potent postseason force

The Renaissance Cleveland Hotel in, you guessed it, Cleveland, is likely getting ready for an influx of visitors in town for the ALCS. Because they want all of their baseball-loving visitors to be prepared for the Ohio flora and fauna, they've thoughtfully posted these notices:

And it's not just this particular series -- the hotel has been supporting midges and their memorable role in the 2007 ALDS since May of 2012: 

#Clevelandia #baseball #midges

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"Our windows open about six inches, and we're located right off Lake Erie, so we were having complaints," said the hotel's director of sales and marketing, Frank McGee. "We needed a fun and whimsical way to tell people to keep their windows closed if they didn't want the room full of little friends."

According to McGee, executive assistant Diana Chambers came up with the idea, and it's proven pretty popular. "People tend to get a good chuckle out of it," he said. 

Hopefully they don't open their mouths too wide, though, because you know -- midges.